Set It Free

Dodie & Stephanie Stevens
Dodie Stevens


Set It Free


I can be anything

That I dream I want to be

It’s already inside of me

And wants to be set free


Maybe it’s a doctor

Maybe it’s a lawyer

Maybe it’s a teacher

That wants to be set free


Maybe it’s a policeman

Maybe it’s a fireman

Maybe it’s a businessman

That wants to be set free


Now it’s time for you to sing

You can make up anything

That you think you want to be

So now it’s tome to set it free


*What do you want to be when you grow up???


Dodie Stevens © 2009

Words & Music by:

"Rockin' To The Oldies"

Oct 11, 2018
The Chicago Club of Laguna Woods Village
Laguna Woods CA

Dodie Promo Video 2015

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AFFIRMASONG is a motivational concert.  All the songs have positive, inspirational messages, written by Dodie Stevens, best known for her world famous hit record, “Pink Shoe Laces” (  The concert reflects her journey from teen star to now, and the discovery that the power of the mind, using positive thoughts and words, can change your life from a battle to a game.  To memorize and apply what she learned through books and lectures, she turned them into a song, like remembering our “ABC’s”! This is how AFFIRMASONG began.


Dodie shares the stage with her daughter, Stephanie, and together they created this inspiring and entertaining program.  It is designed to instill confidence, empowerment, and an overall sense of peace and well being. The audience is invited to sing and dance along, to personally experience the positive, healing effects of their musical affirmations.  These fun, uplifting songs will make them feel happier, healthier, and more empowered to overcome their challenges…to be a winner in the game of life.


AFFIRMASONG can make you be a winner, too!

  • Corporate Parties

  • Special Events

  • Festivals & Fairs

  • Retreats & Workshops

  • Motivational Conferences

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*All songs written and recorded by

Dodie & Stephanie Stevens

© 2017 Ingy Ming Music