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Singing Healing Journey Concert

LIASSA - A Singing Healing Journey Concert

As a professional singer for over fifty years, starting with my #1 hit record “Pink Shoe Laces”, and continuing with more hit records, television appearances, movies and concert tours (with Mac Davis, Loretta Lynn, Boz Scaggs, Frankie Avalon, to name a few), I have experienced the healing effects of singing countless times…mentally, emotionally and physically.  I discovered that no matter what the problem was, singing helped me forget about it and release the negative energy causing it.  And when I returned to what was troubling me, I had a happier, healthier and more optimistic outlook, enabling me to handle my problems much more constructively and effectively.   

LIASSA (Life Is A Song Sing-Along) “A Singing Healing Journey” is a unique, inspirational program designed to create a powerful, vibrational energy through audience participation using singing as a healing technique…one that supports the overall health of mind, body and spirit.  Singing is a natural and universal language of expression, therefore all ages and ethnic backgrounds will benefit from this experience.
During this 90-minute program, my daughter, Stephanie, and I will encourage the audience to sing along…DooWop style (acappella with no instrumentation)…a pure, organic approach to this healing process.  All the songs are written by me and are simple and fun to sing. They are positive, musical affirmations designed to impress our subconscious mind.  You will be taking an active part in creating your own personal healing energy to reduce stress, fear and anxiety in your life.  

So come join us…the more voices the better…as we sing our way through life’s challenges and into a happier, harmonious, more peaceful way of living… through the sheer joy of singing!!!

This is a healing experience you won‘t want to miss.  For more information contact …