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LIASSA Children's Assembly

LIASSA Children's Assembly

LIASSA - Children's Assembly

LIASSA is a music program which consists of simple, fun songs with positive messages for the children to participate in and easily sing-along. Lyrically they are designed to instill a good, happy attitude, develop moral character and behavior, and stimulate creative imagination. One of the songs, “I’m Not A Bully”, addresses the topic of bullying, which is a serious problem in many of our schools. It will also show them how to make music without instruments, using only the voice and body to create the songs.

My daughter, Stephanie, and I will perform and lead the children in song…DooWop style (acappella with no instrumentation). We will encourage them to interact with us, using their voices, imagination and creativity. Singing is a universal language of expression, therefore appropriate for all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

I have been a professional singer/songwriter for decades, starting with my early recording of “Pink Shoe Laces”. I wrote these songs to promote positive, uplifting thoughts in the minds of our children through the joyful act of singing. For the last decade, I have also been a voice teacher and performance coach at a.k.a. Stevens Voice Studio, my own private practice in San Diego, California.

I look forward to presenting this program to the schools in our community. For more information please contact...