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Dodie Stevens: Music

I'm Not A Bully

(Dodie & Stephanie Stevens)
June 8, 2012
Dodie Stevens & Stephanie Stevens

I don’t push, I don’t shove

I treat you with love

I don’t push, I don’t shove

I just treat you with love…‘cause


I’m a buddy

I’m not a bully

Be a buddy, buddy, buddy

Not a bully, bully, bully

I don’t care what you look like

Or the color of your skin

Just be kind to each other

We’re all the same within…so be


When I make fun of you

It’s just so mean

And when I make fun of you

It comes back to hurt me…so I wanna be


Well I won’t turn away

When someone’s bullying you

So don’t be afraid

I’m gonna help you through…’cause


Words & Music by: Dodie & Stephanie Stevens

Ó 2010 Dodie Stevens